Clarifying Sharpshooter (DnD 5e)

Sharpshooter - Player's Handbook Feat
You have mastered ranged weapons and can make shots that others find impossible. You gain the following benefits:

• Attacking at long range doesn't impose disadvantage on your ranged weapon attack rolls.
• Your ranged weapon attacks ignore half and three-quarters cover.
• Before you make an attack with a ranged weapon that you are proficient with, you can choose to take a -5 penalty to the attack roll. If that attack hits, you add +10 to the attack's damage.

Is Sharpshooter good or necessary?

Sharpshooter is a great way to increase the tension of your attacks by making it hard for you to hit, but more damage when you do. It is a great pick if you can find a way to frequently get advantage and if cover comes up a lot.

Does Sharpshooter double with crit?

 No. Only damage dice are doubled.

Is sharpshooter good for rangers?

If you’re regularly using ranged weapons, and if you have a lot of bonuses to make up for the -5 penalty, it is a great choice to be able to consistently ignore cover, attack consistently from long range, and get a nice damage boost. The damage bonus doesn’t scale, so it isn’t as much a boon at later levels, but the range and cover are great on their own.

Does Sharpshooter work with spells?

It only works for spells that require an attack with a ranged weapon. 

When should I use Sharpshooter?

Sharpshooter is best used to ignore cover that your targets are using, or when you have advantage. Having advantage greatly compensates for the -5 penalty.

Can you use Sharpshooter on multiple attacks?

As Sharpshooter says it is applied before you make an attack, you can use it on multiple attacks.

Does Sharpshooter work with daggers or other thrown weapons?

Weapons that aren’t classified as ranged weapons benefit by ignoring cover, and attacking at range without disadvantage. They do not, however, get the third benefit; the -5 attack and +10 damage feature. The third trait is for ranged weapons. This was confirmed by Sage Advice here

Does Sharpshooter ignore the close range disadvantage?

No. The close range disadvantage for ranged weapons is balances for ranged weapons versus melee weapons, and accounts for the targets ability to fight back or dodge in such close quarters with – most likely – their own weapons too. It’s wording is particularly “you have disadvantage on the attack roll if you are within 5 feet of a hostile creature who can see you and who isn’t incapacitated” as this would be an active person working against your abilities.

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