Best Cleric Feats (DnD 5e)

Which feats are the top picks? While this will vary from character to character and campaign to campaign, we will list out some of the top choice feats that we find generally fit clerics.

Be sure to check comments too, because while we’re only picking a few to highlight, there are many good choices which the D&D community is fantastic for helping navigate.

Healing Focused


Get a +1 to CON or WIS, cooking proficiency, ability to give additional HP to hit dice heals during short rest, and you can make snacks that allies can use to get temporary HP.

Inspiring Leader

Give a 10 min speech to give 6 allies temporary hp equal to your level + your Charisma modifier. Great way to supplement your healing by buffing your allies, but just be sure your charisma modifier is decent!

Tank Build

Gift of the Chromatic Dragon

Get yourself a bonus action to infuse a weapon to do more damage, and you also get a reaction that can give resistance to elemental attacks. This is very useful since Clerics have no reaction spells.

Gift of the Metallic Dragon

Learn Cure Wounds which can be used once for free in a limited fashion, and you also learn a reactive ability to give protective wings to boost AC whenever you or an ally is hit with an attack. While Tough is appealing to boost the HP pool, the Cure Wounds and AC bonus here feels more generally advantageous.

Spellcasting Oriented

War Caster

Advantage on concentration checks alone is worth it since you will likely always have a concentration spell on, but also being able to cast spells while your hands are full means you’ll likely always have the shield and its AC bonus. On top of this, you can cast spells for opportunity attacks. Resilient may be a good alternate pick if you want a concentration bonus as well as hp.

Metamagic Adept

Extended Spell alone could do you a lot of good when combined with spells like Spiritual Weapon, Aid, or Bless. Concentration checks will be your challenge, so keep your distance or take this feat after war caster.

Combat Focus


If a nearby ally is attacked, you can use your reaction to hit the enemy. Additionally, any opportunity attacks you make reduce their movement to 0, and disengaging doesn’t stop you. Sentinel is especially useful if your focusing away from spells for combat and getting yourself into melee.


You get 3 luck points to re-roll any attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw that you make, and you can use these points to re-roll an attack roll made against you. This feat is always a safe go to because of how generally advantageous it is, and there are many varying feats that could benefit a combat cleric. But I think this may be one of the better places for lucky because the combat cleric will still be utilizing spells too.

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