Best Warlock Feats (DnD 5e)

Feats. There’s so many feats and in so many different books. Which ones are the top picks? Of course, you know this depends on your character, but that’s also the problem: there’s so many feats for so many different characters, so there’s a lot of choices.

We will list out the top choice feats that we have found for warlocks. These are based on our experiences and will definitely vary from game to game, so we’re going to assume that you’re playing in the traditional D&D high fantasy setting with a mix of role play and combat.

Be sure to check comments too, because while we’re only picking a few to highlight, there are many good choices and the D&D community is fantastic for giving arguments for how one spell may be better than others.



Being a squishy warlock who intends to be in the personal space of combat, it helps to have more hit points. Immediately gain hp equal to your level*2, and then continue to gain 2 more hp per level. Since Warlocks typically can’t afford to put much into constitution, this feat is often a top pick.


You can add 1 to any ability score and gain proficiency in it. This is a great pick for constitution to give you that extra hp boost and also help maintain your concentration spells that you’re likely going to use, like Hex.


Spell Sniper

Eldritch Blast is a common choice for warlocks, and spell sniper makes it incredibly efficient, doubling it’s range, ignoring cover bonuses to attack targets AC, and an additional cantrip spell choice which can be from the bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard spell list. The spell just has to have an attack roll, adding to your repertoire.

Crossbow Expert

Especially good for Hexblade warlocks, this feat lets you ignore loading properties, ignore disadvantage when within 5ft of targets, and allows for a bonus action to attack with a hand crossbow when you attack with a one-handed weapon. The consistency and speed of damage with this is hard to compete with, especially if you combine this with future feats like Sharpshooter or Elven Accuracy.


War Caster

The most common feat choice for Warlocks, War Caster grants various bonuses to ensure you can maintain your concentration spells by getting advantage on their rolls. It also allows you to hold anything in your hands and be able to do the somatic component of spellcasting. And – perhaps most impressively – this feat allows you to use a spells for opportunity attacks, so long as it’s casting time is 1 action and targets only one creature.

Metamagic Adept

Multiclassing into Sorcerer is a popular choice, but if you want to keep your Warlock levels and have a little taste of the Metamagic ability, this is what you want. You’ll be able to pick two Metamagic options and 2 sorcerery points along with it. For example, you may pick Quicken Spell to be able to do Eldritch Blast twice in a row, dealing a great deal of damage. Alternatively, Subtle Spell is a great addition to a sneaky spell casters repertoire.

Fey Touched

Add 1 to your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma, gain Misty Step, and one 1st-level divination or enchantment spell. Warlocks have low spell slot numbers, so an additional spells is a massive increase to your options, and both the Misty Step and the spell choice can be used once per long rest without a slot use.



A very popular pick for the Warlocks that are interested in the Mask of Many Faces invocation. This feat gives you 1 additional Charisma, advantage on Deception and Performance, and can perfectly imitate someone you’ve had a minute to study.


Another popular choice, letting you add 1 to Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma, while also gaining the Mage Hand cantrip, which is 5e’s version of telekinesis. With this feat, the hand becomes invisible, you don’t need verbal or somatic components, and you can actually use it as an attack, trying to shove targets 5ft, after a Strength saving throw (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + the ability modifier of the score increased by this feat).

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