Clever Cantrip Uses: Druidcraft

Create a tiny, harmless sensory effect that predicts weather

  • Deception/Intimidation advantage – Act as though this is predicting the approach of a deadly enemy or storm.
  • Insight/Persuasion advantage – About to set sail? Or need something from the port master? Offer them weather related insight.
  • Stealth advantage – Ensure your stealth mission has cover; wait until you can predict a storm of some kind.
  • Add to the imaginative narrative – keep nature and weather in the game by simply queuing the DM/table to what the weather is

Instantly make a flower blossom, seed pod open, or a leaf bud bloom

  • Improvised attack – Carry watermelon seeds to instantly bloom them for various purposes: eating, throwing, shoving into someone’s ear and then blooming them.
  • Improvised trap – Line clothing or accessories with seeds of plants poisonous to touch (eg. Hogweed). Once the target dons the clothing or accessory, bloom the seedlings.
  • Improvised trap – Sleight of hand seeds of venomous plants into someones pocket and open them (eg. Nerium oleander) – Or create a wall of these plants for an improvised protective wall.
  • Intimidation advantage – Decorate the area, sleight of hand onto someone, or wear the blooming Snap Dragon Seed Pods.
  • Deception/Distraction/Intimidation – Use blooming explosive seeds to distract or intimidate others (eg. Squirting cucumbers or Gorse bush seed)
  • Create Poison – So long as you can carry a stock pile of seeds, you can always have poison at the ready (eg. Squirting cucumbers, nerium oleander, tobacco, etc.)
  • Sabotage – Plant one of the most foul smelling flowers near a targets base or lair (eg. Corpse flower)
  • Survival advantage – Mark locations with an unusual blooming flower. (eg. Psychotria elata)
  • Persuasion/Performance advantage – Up your romance game by handing someone a bouquet of flowers half bloomed, then while you’re confessing your love, whisper the verbal component of the spell and bloom the rest of the flowers to be the biggest bouquet especially for them.
  • Persuasion advantage – Increase the attractiveness of food or flowers to sell.
  • Trigger a trap mechanism with the blossoming of a seed pod (eg. tree seeds?)

Create an instantaneous, harmless sensory effect, such as falling leaves, a puff of wind, the sound of a small animal, or the faint odor of skunk (5ft cube)

  • Mimic parrot sounds for basic voice lines.
  • Illusory advantage – Enhance an existing illusion by adding some sensory effects to it
  • Stealth advantage – Are you hiding and need to create a distraction? Create the sound of a small animal in the distance to try to sneak away undetected. Rabid squirrel, rattlesnake, crow caws, etc.
  • Persuasion advantage – Create a soothing and calm ASMR effect while speaking to someone.
  • Persuasion disadvantage – Make someone fart using puff of wind and follow up with a foul smell (extra points if you cast these on someone while flirting).
  • Intimidation advantage – Create the sound of a threatening animal, or ones that make weird sounds (eg. look up “screaming barn owl” or “red fox scream”)
  • Is your group separated but you need to set a signal off to them? Create a sensory effect like faint odor to catch on the wind or a bloom of flowers in certain areas to catch attention.
  • Attack advantage for an ally – create distracting sensory effects so that an ally can land an attack.

Instantly light or snuff out a candle, a torch, or a small campfire

  • Stealth advantage – Need to sneak by a group of enemies at night and you have darkvision? Snuff out their torches and move in.
  • Intimidation advantage – Make torches/lights flicker on and off. Combine with the smell of roadkill skunk, blood, or blowing leaves (as though something is approaching).
  • Improvised trap – From hiding, extinguish a bonfire, wait for the person to come to re-light it, then light the bonfire.
  • Improvised attack – Sleight of hand a candle (or maybe dynamite?!) in someone’s pocket, then light it from a distance.
  • Is your campfire wood soaked? Light a small campfire ablaze without using a spell slot.

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