DIY Beholder Christmas Ornament

With the holiday season approaching, you might be wondering how to dungeify your Christmas decorations. If you’re looking to sneak a bit of D&D on your mom’s Christmas tree, I have an easy ornament you can make on your own.

Items Needed:

  • glue gun and glue
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • ball ornament
  • 2 different sizes of googly eyes
    • 1 big
    • 6-10 smaller (depending on how many eyes you want. Beholders traditionally have 10 eyes, but I did 6)
  • 2 pipe cleaners (I used sparkly green to keep it festive, but feel free to get creative)
  • card stock paper (I used cream for the teeth. If you decide on a different colour, keep it light enough to draw black on)
  • ornament hook


Step 1: Glue large googly eye to the middle of the ball


Step 2: Cut pipe cleaners into 3 different sizes.


Step 3: Wrap pieces of pipe cleaner around top of ornament. I wrapped 2 to the back, and 1 to the front.


Step 4: Glue around the top centre to secure the pipe cleaners to the ball. You can clean away the glue wisps at the end.


Step 5: Bend tips of pipe cleaners into rounded ends. Glue small googly eyes to the ends.


Step 6: Cut out crescent from card stock


Step 7: Draw shape of teeth. Thicken the lines to make it look like the mouth is open – or don’t! It’s your beholder!

img_20181202_202454.jpg     IMG_20181202_202613 (1)

Step 8: Glue the mouth to the ball, below the big eye


Step 9: Remove extra bits of glue and bend eyes to how you like them.

Step 10: Add ornament hook and hang this little smiling guy on your tree!


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