Steps to Scenario Design

There are countless ways to design a scenario for a role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), and it can be intimidating to new DMs to try and figure out … Continue reading Steps to Scenario Design

Level Up Your D&D Romance

DM: “The air is brisk and the night skies are clear enough to view the stars. With your insight check, you notice that she’s standing a little bit closer to … Continue reading Level Up Your D&D Romance

Wild History of Rangers

Rangers are just a bunch of hunters, animals lovers, and park officers, aren’t they? Where could the history in this class really go? I originally thought that this would be … Continue reading Wild History of Rangers

Tricks to Narrating

Before you is a long body of text, which seems to outline the various ways to approach storytelling. There are so many words. The light from the screen pulls your … Continue reading Tricks to Narrating

Where Do Clerics Come From?

In most games, it always seemed that the cleric was a healer, but was more than willing to take out a mace and smash someone’s face in. I wondered if … Continue reading Where Do Clerics Come From?